Rough night

I was still nauseated and threw up. After that, not allowed to eat or drink anything. My belly was distended and painful. My BP s still high and my oxygen level 87%. More I’m on oxygen. I just want to go home! Finally passing gas so that makes it a little more likely I will go home.


Surgery over

Surgery was over around 1:30. It is now 6 I’ve been really nauseous dry heaving. I have had a lot of nausea medicine and pain medicine which is pretty much kept me knocked out since then. My restless legs finally woke me up and I asked to walk around the floor. I did that and then I got nauseous and pain everything all over which was happening all over it again and again anyway. I think these SCDs feel good on my legs. My blood pressure was also out of control. They’ve been giving me blood pressure meds over and over.

Edited on 3-6-2018…. I just found this post and I don’t remember posting it and I don’t remember taking a walk or most anything in this post except for the SCDs feeling good. So weird!